Shiba Inu Lead Developer Seeks Dialogue with Hotbit Ahead of Exchange Shutdown

Shytoshi Kusama, Shiba Inu leader, reaches out to Hotbit for dialogue ahead of the exchange’s anticipated shutdown, showing commitment to SHIB holders.

Shytoshi Kusama, the community-appointed leader of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) project, has taken to Twitter to express a desire for direct communication with Hotbit, the crypto exchange currently undergoing the process of ceasing its centralized exchange (CEX) operations.

In a tweet, Kusama publicly requested: “Anyone have a contact at HotBit? I’d like to have a conversation with the good folks there before they ‘take a bow.’”

Anyone have a contact at Hotbit? I’d like to have a conversation with the good folks there before they “take a bow”.

— Shytoshi Kusama™ (@ShytoshiKusama) June 1, 2023

This message indicates Kusama’s eagerness to dialogue with the Hotbit team before their anticipated exit from the CEX space. By expressing the desire for a conversation, Kusama aims to explore potential avenues of collaboration, address any concerns, and ensure a smooth transition for SHIB holders currently utilizing the HotBit platform.

Kusama Breaks Twitter Silence in Japan

Interestingly, Kusama’s move to communicate with the Hotbit team comes after speculation flooded the crypto community, as reported by The Crypto Basic, about a potential positive update for the SHIB community following the senior developer’s trip to a city in Japan.

His tweet represents one of his most notable posts on Twitter after he chose to remain silent in crypto community discourses while “cooking” something valuable underground.

While the specific details of the proposed conversation remain undisclosed at the time of reporting, Kusama’s outreach suggests the commitment of the Shiba Inu leader to prioritize the interests and well-being of SHIB token holders.

By fostering open lines of communication, Kusama seeks to facilitate a smooth transition for SHIB holders who need to withdraw their tokens from Hotbit before the June deadline.

Surprisingly, following The Crypto Basic’s report last month, which urged SHIB holders on Hotbit to move their assets off the exchange, a dormant whale moved nearly 500 Shiba Inu tokens to the dying platform instead.



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