XRP Community Raises Alarm of Attack as This Happens: Details

The XRP community has raised an alarm of attack as one of its foremost voices and XRP holders’ attorney, John Deaton, falls victim to a Twitter hack.

The Twitter account of CryptoLaw founder John Deaton was hacked to promote a fraudulent token called “LAW.”

The hack likely took place around 16 hours ago, which was about the time Deaton commented last on a tweet by Dephi Labs GC. Afterward, the hackers sent out a handful of tweets promoting the scam token “LAW.”

The official Twitter account of CryptoLaw made it known that its founder’s phone had been hacked after a relentless cyberattack over several days.

Several prominent voices in the crypto industry have called attention to this fact, urging users to refrain from clicking fraudulent links.

Bill Morgan, an XRP enthusiast and crypto lawyer, believes the scam is an attack on the entire XRP community.

This scam is an attack on the entire XRP community despicably misusing their trust in the person who they rightly trust more than others.

— bill morgan (@Belisarius2020) June 4, 2023

“This scam is an attack on the entire XRP community, despicably misusing their trust in the person they rightly trust more than others,” Morgan commented.

It bears mentioning that the hack coincided with Deaton’s birthday. Morgan adds, “The fact that it happened on his birthday shows an intent to be punitive as well as scam people in the XRP community. It doubly targeted John and the entire XRP community, probably because of his efforts.”

Deaton, a strong crypto enthusiast, has participated in the Ripple v. SEC lawsuit, the LBRY v. SEC case, and the Zakinov v. Ripple lawsuit, filing amicus briefs. He remains respected in the XRP community.

Ledger, a provider of cryptocurrency wallets, recently issued a warning about fraudulent token allocation program scams that specifically target the XRP community.

It cautions XRP owners to stay away from token allocation claims since these seek to siphon off their XRP funds. This is due to the possibility that these scams could grant unauthorized users access to XRP accounts.



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